Difference between human content writing and AI writing

Writing is a creative field that has produced great poets, story writers, and novelists. Readers have cried, laughed, and bit their nails going through the text written by their favorite writers. But like all other fields, even this field is getting penetrated by artificial intelligence. Human content creators are getting a serious challenge by AI writing that is cheaper and quicker. AI writing can pump in content at a faster pace than humans. But can it match the superior thinking ability and the emotions that humans are able to produce? Let us find out the differences between human content writing and AI writing to know if AI writing can indeed surpass human writing abilities.

Before moving ahead, it is important to know what artificial intelligence is and how it creates content that is regarded as a prerogative of a human mind. AI is a program that is designed to replicate human activities. It has the ability to think with the help of algorithms that are incorporated into it. AI can learn and adapt to the situations which means it find ways to do things n a better and smarter way just like humans learns from their mistakes. Artificial intelligence has helped human beings by doing menial and repetitive tasks and also dangerous ones where risk of injury for human beings is high. But today, these robots equipped with AI are doing jobs that were once considered a domain for human beings alone. Today you will find AI architects, designers, and even chefs churning out delicious recipes.

Artificial intelligence has been leaping forward at a lightning speed and it has already made forays into content writing. Today, there are AI programs that can write stories. However, it is also a fact that no fictional story or novel written through AI has received a Pulitzer Prize so far. But AI has certainly made a successful entry into content writing where it is being used for SEO content, social media posts, and to create headlines for click bait.

Companies that have the resources are using AI writing in place of human content writers because it can pump in content faster and at cheaper prices. However, despite the success of AI writing in some fields of writing, human content creators still have some advantages. They have a creative mind that can be used in many exciting ways. Also, human content creators know how to play with the emotions of their readers. It is something that robots will never understand no matter how advanced they become with improvement in technology.

Google is creating algorithms to detect writing generated using AI. It can detect human authored content from AI generated content. It means that in future, content creators will stay ahead of AI writing as search engines will be able to smell human created content and rank it higher than AI powered content. There is a certain level of trustworthiness in human writing that AI writing will never be able to reach. Human beings have their hands on the pulse of their readers as they know how to trigger their emotions through their creative writing. Also, it is not just the search engines but also the visitors to websites that want to read content created by human beings rather than machines. This is the reason why AI powered content will never be able to usurp the position currently held by human content creators.

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