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Welcome to the Refund Policy page of the website of Morgan Web Technology. It contains the terms and conditions governing the cancellation and refunds given by the company to its clients. There are situations when there is a misunderstanding or the client is not satisfied with the quality of our services. Also, there are times when things go out of control of our hands and the project has to be stopped. Morgan Web technology decides the eligibility and the amount of money to be refunded to the client.


The company makes its best efforts to complete the project assigned by a client in the highest possible quality and within the specified deadline. We hire the services of IT experts and third parties to complete the project for our clients. A lot of money given by the client as an advance payment for a particular project goes to these experts and third parties. This is the reason why only partial refunds are possible from our end. 


No refund is allowed to a client who is in a hurry and wants his project to be completed on an urgent basis. This refund policy applies only to clients who have gone through our terms and conditions and given their consent to the estimate provided by the company.


A full refund of the advance payment given by a client is given by us when he requests a refund within 24 hours of awarding the contract to us. Money is returned only if the project has not been started and work has not been taken up by our experts.  The refund request is processed and the money is returned within 7 days of assigning the project. 


Partial refund

A full refund is not possible in many cases even if the client is eligible for it. In such cases, expenses incurred by the company are deducted from the advance payment made by the client, and the remaining amount is credited into his account. 


If the request for cancellation of a project comes from the customer, Team Morgan looks into the matter and decides on the eligibility of the client. If the client has a valid reason for canceling the project, we allow a partial refund after deducting the money incurred on the work done on the project. The percentage of money refunded to the client depends on the sole discretion of Team Morgan, and there can be no negotiations on this matter with the client. 


A partial refund is also granted if there is a delay in completing the project on our part. The amount of money refunded to the customer depends on the length of the delay and the losses suffered by the client because of this delay. However, money already paid to experts and third parties who have been awarded contracts for the project cannot be returned and the amount of money given back to the client comes from the profits left with the company. 


No refund is given to a client for delays caused by reasons beyond our control. The claim for a refund based on loss or damages incurred by the client because of the product delivered by the company is never entertained. Please go through the terms and conditions page where it is mentioned that Morgan Web Technology will not be responsible for such losses and damage. 


Claim for a refund of the advance money on account of delay is rejected if this delay is caused by the inability of the client to provide all information requested by the company. A refund is also not given when the client wants amendments and additional features in an under-development project. Such requests hurt the cost of the project as well as its duration. 


If a customer is not happy with the refund policy or the amount of refund decided by the company, he should take a legal course. All disputes regarding our refund policy are subject to the jurisdiction of the Lucknow High Court. The decision of the court shall be final and binding on both parties. 

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