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Morgan Web Technology is a respected name in the world of content writing. We provide content writing services of the highest quality to our clients in diverse industries in the form of blogs, articles, PR writing, eBooks, website content, and much more. This page covers the terms and conditions that govern the agreement between Morgan Web Technology and the client regarding content writing services provided by us. By using our content writing services, you abide by these terms and conditions.

Advance payment

For any content writing task, Morgan Web Technology charges advance payment form the buyer. You have to deposit 50% of the total amount that has been mutually agreed upon in advance. Our writers start the work only upon the receipt of 50% of the total amount. If the price of the total work is less than Rs 1000, you have to pay the entire amount upfront. Advance payment for any writing work is non refundable and Morgan Web Technology shall not refund the money if the client decides to cancel the order later on for some reason.

Charges for lightening fast service

The time taken for any writing work is conveyed to the client before the commencement of the work. This time period is usually between 7-30 days depending upon the length and difficulty of the task. However, Morgan Web Technology also provides a lightning fast content writing service for which the client needs to pay extra amount of money. This extra amount of money is 50-100% more than the normal charges for the same work but the client gets the completed assignment within 2-3 days.


Morgan Web Technology provides free revision service to the client if in case he is not satisfied with the quality of work and wants some amendments. This free revision is carried out by our writers only if the request for revision has been made by the client within 3 days of receiving the completed assignment. If this revision request is made after 3 days, the client has to pay minimal charges for any revision that he desires.

Copyright to the content

All intellectual property rights of the content written by our team of writers remain with Morgan Web Technology until full and final payment of the invoice has been made. It becomes the property of the client once we receive full payment. If some content or part thereof has been sent for the approval of the client in the form of a draft, he has no right to publish it on his website or blog without our consent. Also, it is the responsibility of the client to check the draft carefully as we will not be responsible for any grammar and spelling mistakes later on.

It is expected that the client will provide some references or links to get the desired formats and content. It helps our writers in completing the assignment in the best possible way and according to the requirements of the client. Morgan Web Technology will not be responsible if the client does not provide the desired format and sufficient instructions for the writers. If the order is related to an uncommon subject or technical writing, the client needs to provide relevant links to us.

 Guarantee of no plagiarism

Morgan Web Technology provides full guarantee against plagiarism. All content written by our writers is original and free from plagiarism. All assignments are checked with Copyscape before handing over the final draft to clients. However, Morgan Web Technology will not be liable for any theft of content written by our writers if it has been handed over to the client in the form of sample or draft for his approval. The entire responsibility of plagiarism will be on the client if our sample content gets published on the web during the time for which it stays with the client. Morgan Web Technology will not be liable for any theft or loss of content when it has been given to the client.

All disputes are subject to Lucknow jurisdiction. Morgan Web Technology reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions mentioned in this article if and when it deems necessary. Clients are encouraged to take a look at Terms and Conditions for content writing to avoid any disputes later on.

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