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Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the website of Morgan Web Technology. This page deals with the company’s services’ terms and conditions.  Please read these T&C carefully as you hereby give your consent to them. The terms Company and We used in these T&C refer to Morgan Web Technology and You refers to the user of this website.  


The entire content on this website including text, images, logo, etc is protected by copyright. Any use of this material in part or whole without the company’s prior permission is strictly prohibited and liable for legal action.


You will find several external links on the website of Morgan Web Technology. These links are provided to furnish additional relevant information to the visitors. We do not endorse the content on these websites in any manner. You are advised to use your discretion while purchasing or using any products or services promoted on these websites. We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to you caused by the use of such products or services. 


Terms and conditions for the website development, software, mobile application, SEO, and Logo


  • Team Morgan decides the cost and duration of any order of website development, software, mobile application, SEO, and logo received from a customer after analyzing the project. He is informed about the same through an email. 


  • It is the responsibility of the customer to make available all facts and information about the project. Hiding, delaying, or misleading the company about information related to the project will have an adverse impact on the cost and duration. Team Morgan will inform the client about this impact in a timely manner. 


  • The cost and duration of a project are decided on the basis of the nature of the work and the information and sample work provided by the client. If the customer wants addition or amendments, later on, the cost and duration analysis is done by the company. The price and the deadline for completion are increased by 5% to 25% and the customer is also required to pay project escalation charges decided by the company.


  • In any website or software development project, 10% to 20% contribution is made by third parties. The cost of these things is not in the hands of the company and no negotiations are possible on their pricing. Morgan Web Technology is not responsible for any increase in the charges of these third parties. If third parties increase their charges during project development, the additional cost is added to the project fee quoted to the customer. 


  • In any project, a lot of material including software is used that is available for free as an open-source platform. Such material comes under freeware or license-free software.  The company is not responsible if such software becomes license ware or does not remain free for use during the development of a project. The cost of such material has to be paid by the customer and this cost is added to the total project fee. 


  • If a client wants his project completed urgently, the fee quoted by the company is deemed rough. This figure and the completion date is an estimation and it can go up by the time the project is delivered to the client. Morgan Web Technology shall not be responsible for any increase in the project fee and the time of completion of the project under these circumstances. 


  • If a client makes changes in an under-development project, he is required to pay additional charges. If he does not agree to pay additional charges, the final project is not delivered to him. 


  • A late fee is charged by the company on all payments delayed by the client. The amount of the late fee is decided by the company and it could be 10% of the total cost of the project. This late fee is calculated on a weekly basis. To avoid this late fee, the client is advised to make full payment for his project within the stipulated time period. 


  • Morgan Web Technology requests the client to provide all information about a project through email and phone calls. If the client does not provide this information in time, the responsibility for the delay in the completion of the project lies solely on the client. If the client does it on purpose and repeatedly, the company has the right to increase the cost and duration of the project. 


  • If a client places an order in a hurry without going through the terms and conditions of the company, it is understood that he agrees to the T&C of the company.


  • Morgan Web Technology reserves the right to make changes to its terms and conditions from time to time. We make every effort to update this page and request the clients to visit this page frequently, especially before placing an order. 


  • Please do not place an order and make payment before discussing the project with Team Morgan. Give us all the details about your project. We analyze the project and then give you an estimate of the cost and the time limit for the completion of the project. If you pressurize the company into accepting an order, the responsibility for its cost and duration will be solely yours. You will have to pay the final cost decided by the company. 


  • The company is not liable for starting and completing a project until it has received advance payment from the client. The company charges 50% of the total cost of the project as advance payment. The remaining 50% has to be paid by the client after the company provides a demonstration of the completed project. The final product will be delivered to the client only after he has cleared the remaining cost of the project. 


  • The client needs to pay an additional 50% of the total development cost of the software development project if he wants the source code. This charge is only 25% if the client wants the source code after a period of one year. 


  • The maintenance cost of any project is over and above the cost of the project. The annual maintenance cost {AMC} of any project is decided by the company after its analysis. Maintenance cost is not associated with every project. The company adds the maintenance cost of projects that come under AMC and the same is conveyed to the client. Once the free maintenance period for a project expires, the client is charged for any correction, amendment, and update that is needed in a development project. Maintenance of a project is undertaken only after the client has made the payment. 


  • It is the responsibility of the client to provide all relevant information about any correction or amendment that he wants in an ongoing or under development project. If the client fails to furnish the information requested by the company, the project is handed over to him in the same condition. He is still required to pay the cost of development and maintenance carried out by the company. 


  • If a client has not paid 50% of the cost of the project as advance payment, he can still pay the cost in installments according to the terms of payment mutually agreed upon with the company. If a project has started and the client is unable to pay the installment on time, the company has the right to stop the project. Morgan Web Technology reserves the right to demand 100% advance payment from a client having a poor payment track record in the past.


  • If a client gets the delivery of the final project without making the required payment, Morgan Web Technology has the right to take legal action against him. Such a client will face a case of fraud and forgery in a court of law and he will also be liable to pay a penalty to the company. 


  • No refund of advance payment for a project requested by a client in a hurry will be entertained by the company. The process of a refund claim is allowed only in projects duly discussed and ordered by a client. 


  • The company charges an additional project analysis cost from the clients who do not provide a complete working synopsis and format of the project. This cost has to be paid by the client in the form of project development designing or project analysis costs before work actually begins in the project. 


  • Morgan Web Technology will not be responsible for any impact on the quality of the features of a project if a client requests major changes in the features or the functionalities of a project midway during the development of a project. 


  • It is the sole responsibility of the client to look after the security, maintenance, and updation of a project once it has been delivered by the company. Morgan Web Technology will undertake the security and maintenance of the project only if the client has given the AMC and also paid for it. The World Wide Web is full of hackers and viruses and the company cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage caused to the software, website, or mobile application exposed to these dangers. We can only ensure the proper functioning and features of the project developed by us. 


  • Many services during project development are provided by third parties. The proper functioning of services like server domain, web hosting, etc depends on these third parties and Morgan Web Technology shall not be responsible for any interruptions or problems caused by technical reasons. Morgan Web Technology does not provide any guarantee or warranty on the proper functioning of these features and services provided by third parties. 


  • The addition or deletion of content in any dynamic website is the responsibility of the client. Morgan Web Technology charges money for undertaking this work. This charge is decided by the company after proper analysis and the client is required to pay every time he wants updation of content. This charge is also applicable for the updation of a static website. 


  • Morgan Web Technology is not responsible for uploading objectionable content on any website by the client or the website owner once it has been delivered by the company. Publishing illegal content on a website is a crime and we strongly condemn this act.  


  • Every country has its own set of rules and laws pertaining to the internet and the content published on the World Wide Web. You are hereby advised to study these laws in your country. Morgan Web Technology shall not be liable for violations of the internet laws in your country.


  • If a client makes changes in an under-development project frequently, it will be deemed intentional by the company. Morgan Web Technology reserves the right to suspend or stop work altogether on the project of such a client. The company will not be under any obligation to refund the advance payment made by the client in such a situation. 


  • Morgan Web Technology will not refund the advance payment made by a client once it has started work on a project. 70% of the advance payment is refunded by the Company under rare circumstances while the remaining 30% is retained by the company as special project handling charges. However, the client needs to make a request for a refund of his advance payment within 24 hours of placing an order for the software, website, or mobile application development project. 


  • All terms and conditions mentioned on this page are subject to change any time the company deems fit. We try to update the terms and conditions as soon as possible and request that visitors visit this page frequently. 

Content Writing

Morgan Web Technology is a respected name in the world of content writing. We provide content writing services of the highest quality to our clients in diverse industries in the form of blogs, articles, PR writing, eBooks, website content, and much more. This page covers the terms and conditions that govern the agreement between Morgan Web Technology and the client regarding content writing services provided by us. By using our content writing services, you abide by these terms and conditions.

  • All the instructions for writing work are to be given by the customer in writing and / or proof.
    It is very important that the customer expresses in detail what type of content to write. All aspects related to it need to be accurately explained to the team in order to get the writing done. He/She can also provide reference material for this.
    If the customer provides any writing work that requires more research than usual, then the research fee for such work is additionally included in that work.
    (The usual sources of information / references are single page websites or articles with 200 to 250 words of content.)

  • The customer should provide accurate instructions and facts related to content writing work to Morgan Web Technology in detail beforehand. Hiding information or lying after the work is completed falls under the category of fraud. There is no obligation to do any kind of work modification, correction and refund of advance payment.
    And it is mandatory to make the remaining balance payment to the customer, failing which Morgan Web Technology can take legal action.
  • Content Writing Revision Or Rejection Main Key Criteria- Vocabulary Not Used as Suggested by the Customer as Reference or Rude Words, Incorrect Use of Grammar, Wrong words or sentences or meaningless have been written,Plagiarized Content,Unnecessary use of a sentence repeatedly without any need. (*Based on Content Writing Category & Pack Based Criteria).

Advance payment

For any content writing task, Morgan Web Technology charges advance payment form the buyer. You have to deposit 50% of the total amount that has been mutually agreed upon in advance. Our writers start the work only upon the receipt of 50% of the total amount. If the price of the total work is less than Rs 1000, you have to pay the entire amount upfront. Advance payment for any writing work is non refundable and Morgan Web Technology shall not refund the money if the client decides to cancel the order later on for some reason.

Charges for lightening fast service

The time taken for any writing work is conveyed to the client before the commencement of the work. This time period is usually between 7-30 days depending upon the length and difficulty of the task. However, Morgan Web Technology also provides a lightning fast content writing service for which the client needs to pay extra amount of money. This extra amount of money is 50-100% more than the normal charges for the same work but the client gets the completed assignment within 2-3 days.


Morgan Web Technology provides free revision service to the client if in case client is not satisfied with the quality of work and wants some amendments. This free revision is carried out by our writers only if the request for revision has been made by the client within 3 days of receiving the completed assignment. If this revision request is made after 3 days, the client has to pay minimal charges for any revision that he desires.

*Revision of content is normally carried out in 24 to 72 hours. If the revision is taking longer than expected, the client will be informed about such delays.

*It is the responsibility of the client to explain the revisions he needs in clear terms. As each revision is unique, the time it takes to complete these revisions will be added to the deadline for the assignment.

*Any kind of revision requested by the client will have an impact on the pricing and completion of the assignment. As a result, the company will decide what the impact will be, and the outcome will be discussed with the client.

Unless the client agrees with the company’s decision in this regard, the completed assignment will be provided to him as per the previously agreed terms and conditions. If he does not want to move ahead with his order, the company has the right to forfeit his advance payment.

*If the Customer Wants Any Content Material for Re-Revision or Re-Correction, Then He/she Will Have to Provide Suitable Reasons and Evidence for the Same.


*If the Client Has Got Any Work Done by Us Without Paying Any Advance and Later He Refuses to Take That Work, Then Legal Action Can Be Taken by Morgan Web Technology.

*Upon receipt of the confirmation email from us, if the client delays in making payment, he will be charged a late fee of 10% every 24 hours. Upon request, the late fee may be reduced if the client has a valid reason for the delay.


Copyright to the content

All intellectual property rights of the content written by our team of writers remain with Morgan Web Technology until full and final payment of the invoice has been made. It becomes the property of the client once we receive full payment. If some content or part thereof has been sent for the approval of the client in the form of a draft, he has no right to publish it on his website or blog without our consent. Also, it is the responsibility of the client to check the draft carefully as we will not be responsible for any grammar and spelling mistakes later on.

It is expected that the client will provide some references or links to get the desired formats and content. It helps our writers in completing the assignment in the best possible way and according to the requirements of the client. Morgan Web Technology will not be responsible if the client does not provide the desired format and sufficient instructions for the writers. If the order is related to an uncommon subject or technical writing, the client needs to provide relevant links to us.

 Guarantee of no plagiarism

Morgan Web Technology provides full guarantee against plagiarism. All content written by our writers is original and free from plagiarism. All assignments are checked with Copyscape before handing over the final draft to clients. However, Morgan Web Technology will not be liable for any theft of content written by our writers if it has been handed over to the client in the form of sample or draft for his approval. The entire responsibility of plagiarism will be on the client if our sample content gets published on the web during the time for which it stays with the client. Morgan Web Technology will not be liable for any theft or loss of content when it has been given to the client.

All disputes are subject to Lucknow jurisdiction. Morgan Web Technology reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions mentioned in this article if and when it deems necessary. Clients are encouraged to take a look at Terms and Conditions for content writing to avoid any disputes later on.

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